OFC Conference 2023, San Diego

We’re back, having recently embarked on an exhilarating journey to the OFC Conference in sunny San Diego, and happy to report it was an event to remember. As industry enthusiasts gathered under the California sun, the Ensure team got things started, eager to connect at the epicenter of optical communications.

The Anticipation

In the days leading up to the conference, we couldn’t resist dropping some hints at our soon-to-be-unveiled stream of products, promising a surge of innovation and connectivity. 

Premium Connectivity Solutions at Center Stage

At our vibrant booth, amongst a range of WDM and PLC connectivity solutions, we showcased our star product – Premium PLC Splitters, (accompanied by Grade B connectors) standing as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Visitors engaged with our friendly team, exploring our comprehensive product range, and delving into the intricacies of cutting-edge network solutions.

Spotlight on Customisation

Our recent feature in Optical Connections News on Customisation was a hot topic.

Visitors were keen to dive into discussions about tailoring optical solutions for their specific needs. Attendees were eager to understand how we’re pushing boundaries, and so we shared insights into our approach, technology, and plans for patenting more groundbreaking products.

Our most commonly asked questions:

Q: Why is customisation crucial for PLC splitters?

A: The PLC splitter’s superpower lies in its core chip. Customisation allows us to optimise performance for varying network architectures.

Q: Are all manufacturers offering customisation?

A: Definitely not. Full industrial chain-manufacturing capability is essential, and we’re proud to be among the few providing this specialised service.

Q: How does customisation benefit both parties?

A: Exclusive designs offer a first-mover advantage, giving both manufacturer and client optimised bespoke solutions competitors can’t replicate quickly.

Q: How can customised PLC splitters benefit network configurations, like PON? (Passive Optical Networks)

A: Whether it’s adjusting split ratios or creating bespoke designs, the flexibility of customisation proves crucial in achieving optimal results for PON and similar network structures. This can improve a multitude of factors from cost of deployment to reduced set-up time.

➡️ See Ensure’s video on ‘The Benefits of Asymmetric Splitters to get into the details.

Looking Ahead

We are sincerely grateful to all who visited our booth, adding vibrancy to the atmosphere and generously sharing their expertise. With connections made, insights shared, and the promise of more to come, we’re fueling our drive going forward. 

As we plan to step up our game and increase facilitating deployments worldwide, the journey continues – committed to propelling digital advancement further.

Stay connected for more updates as Ensure continues to lead the way in Premium Connectivity Solutions. The best is indeed still to come!