Fiber Sensing Technology

At the forefront of technological advancement, Ensure revolutionises Fiber Sensing with specialised hardware that delivers high accuracy and precision, versatility, compactness, low power consumption, and ability to enable real-time monitoring and control.

We provide the hardware foundation for your software aspirations, covering an extensive range of applications, from infrastructure monitoring and pipeline detection, to perimeter security and environmental monitoring – the potential is vast.

We meticulously control the entire production chain, manufacturing in-house, DVS/DAS systems composed of high-performance devices, such as Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Light Source (laser), AOM (Acousto-optic Modulator), offering Raman Amplifier, PIN+EDFA products. Our DTS system includes Raman Laser (Light Source), APD (Avalanche Photodetector) and WDM, plus we offer a vast range of Optical Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA, hybrid, SOA, Raman etc.) for Long distance optical fiber communication, broadcasting, television, optical fiber sensing and other fields.

Simply put – We’ve got you covered.


Our commitment to research and development is unwavering, driving us to push the boundaries of fiber sensing technology. With a dedicated focus on innovation, we’ve expertly crafted customisable solutions for DVS, DAS, and DTS systems, drawing from our 8-year integration expertise to optimise performance and value. Our pursuit of excellence positions us at the forefront of precision and reliability in fiber sensing applications.

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FS finished product 1

Ultra Narrow Linewidth Laser

Manufacturing in-house, encapsulated ultra-narrow linewidth laser and FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating), with self-owned IP (Intellectual Property), scoring optimum value.
Narrower linewidth = higher resolution of the signal. Our UNL lasers linewidth is under 3 kHz with FBG technology and are CE certified under IEC 61000-6-1 and 61000-6- 3 standards. Expertly established, customisable solutions for DVS & DAS, with 8 years in the field of integration.
Capable of detecting even the smallest changes in the optical signal, ideal for applications where high-resolution sensing is crucial.

EDFA finished small module

Narrow Linewidth Laser

Manufacturing in-house, encapsulated narrow linewidth laser, based on Semiconductor Laser Technology, with linewidth under 5kHz. Expertly established, customisable solutions for DVS & DAS, with 8 years in the field of integration. Our NL lasers are ideal for use in applications where a good balance between precision and versatility is required.
We match devices with the optimal parameters in order to optimise performance and value for cost.

How we do it

Want to know the secret to Fiber Sensing?

Committed to the future of fiber sensing technology

We’ve harnessed cutting-edge technology and specialised equipment to craft Fiber Sensing solutions that redefine excellence. Our Fiber Sensing solutions are at the forefront of innovation, reliability and precision. In our laboratories, we’ve mastered intricate processes, composed of premium high-performance devices.Customised to Perfection: We tailor solutions to meet your unique requirements, ensuring seamlessintegration with your projects. Honing our expertise over 8 years in the field of integration, we match devices to the optimal parameters, in order to optimise performance and value for cost.Exceeding Expectations: Going beyond market standard is our standard practice. We pride ourselveson striving towards Fiber Sensing solutions that not only meet but consistently exceed the highest quality benchmarks.With Ensure’s Fiber Sensing technology, you’re not just monitoring; you’re shaping a more connected and secure future. Discover the possibilities.

Optical Fiber Amplifiers

We provide a range of Optical Fiber Amplifier modules for a wide variety of uses, focused on premium product quality, with the strictest commitment to operation and production management. Experienced and proficient in customisation.

Main features:

  • Output light power and shape structure can be customised
  • Low noise coefficient
  • Flexible control mode, and human-machine interface form
  • High stability and high reliability
  • Fine temperature control technology is used to make the module have excellent temperature adaptation characteristics
  • High output optical power, large gain, and adjustable range

Wide Applications Range:

  • Long-distance optical transmission system, dense wave division and reuse system
  • National defense and military applications
  • optical fiber sensing
  • oil and gas field monitoring
EDFA _ FS module preparation
EDFA _ FS module fusing

Main features:

  • High output light power
  • High reliability and stability
  • Modular type, rack type structure available
  • Optical signal-to-noise ratio improved
  • Multiple pump laser wave technology are used to achieve flat and low noise optical signal amplification in the C band range.

Wide Applications Range:

  • Distributed Raman amplification applications
  • Distributed optical fiber sensing
  • long-distance optical fiber communication without relay link
  • scientific research.
Donna + 1 finished sample

Optical Modules

Discover our integrated DVS/DAS & DTS optical modules, tailored to your needs. Our Ultra-narrow Linewidth Light Source (DVS, DAS) systems, including EDFA, Raman amplifier, and PIN+EDFA products, ensure precision. Choose from highly integrated or discrete DTS solutions for versatile temperature sensing.

Main features:

  • High Integration: Raman Light Source, WMD, APD, Acquisition Card
  • High-peak, nanosecond pulsed laser output
  • Classic Control Mode: TCP / IP control
  • High Stability and High Reliability
  • Wide Application Range: DTS integrated equipment, optical fiber temperature measurement, laser ranging, laboratory scientific research light source, optical fiber sensing system

Wide Applications Range:

  • Oil & Gas Industry (pipeline detection)
  • Power Industry (transformers, generators etc.)
  • Railway Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Building and Construction
  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Industry
  • Scientific Research
FS testing device

Main features:

  • High Integration: light source, modulator, amplifier, Raman amplifier
  • The modular design can select the modules according to the sensing distance
  • The shape and structure can be customised for the design
  • High Stability and High Reliability
  • EDFA amplification combined with Raman amplification can effectively increase the sensing distance and improve the system signal ratio
  • Wide Application Range: BOTDR, Ф -OTDR system, distributed optical fiber sensing, nonlinear optics research

Wide Applications Range:

  • Oil & Gas Industry (pipeline detection)
  • Civil Engineering, Security systems
  • Railway Industry
  • Communication Cable monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Transportation
  • Power Generation (power transmission lines and power plants)
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Scientific Research.
FS testing device finished product

Specialised in customisation, Elevating your solution

We approach every customer request individually to provide customisable solutions that best suit their needs, whether that be by producing in-house bespoke customisable products, or by offering our guidance and knowledge to direct our clients towards the best suited premium solution.

All of our products are customisable according to the desired specific scenario for use, such as accuracy, distance range, sensitivity, scalability, efficiency, amplitude… the list goes on.

We provide the option to design and customise bespoke fiber sensing systems, using our expertise on chip encapsulation to curate in-house Ultra-narrow Linewidth Light Source (DVS/DAS) systems.

By tailoring the system to meet the unique needs of different applications, we offer high accuracy and sensitivity, efficiency, scalability, customisation, reliability, and cost-effectiveness