In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Ensure stands as a beacon of connectivity prowess, empowering progress for over two decades. As a high-tech manufacturer, we specialise in delivering Premium Connectivity Solutions worldwide. Renowned for our partnerships with industry giants like Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, and more, Ensure now takes the lead in cutting-edge Fiber Sensing technology, revolutionising the way we connect and sense the world around us.

Ensure E3 Background

Your success is our priority. As demand for fiber optic connectivity solutions continues to surge, we have expanded our product portfolio, integrating specialised companies and cutting-edge technologies in order to create our three core product lines: Premium PLC Splitters, DWDM & EDFA Integration solutions, and Fiber Sensing Technology. Additionally, we’ve ramped up our production capacity with new state-of-the-art factories diversified across China, Vietnam & Thailand/Malasia – Ready to meet your evolving needs.

At Ensure, we are deeply passionate about our work and the industry we serve. Working with our parent company HH Group and corporate telecom siblings, we’ve helped customers meet the future head-on since 2002. With an unwavering dedication to R&D, we’re positioned to meet the exponential growth of fiber optic networks by manufacturing in-house premium-quality optical components. With control over the entire production chain, from essential components to turnkey OEM solutions, we guarantee top-notch quality, value, and traceability.

Whether you seek ready-to-ship products in custom-designed, eco-friendly packaging, or bespoke connectivity solutions tailored to your unique requirements, Ensure is your ultimate partner in achieving seamless connectivity for the future, and throughout the digital revolution.

Our story in a nutshell

We’ve been Pioneers in Connectivity Solutions for over 20 years, empowering the Digital Revolution and shaping the Future of Fiber Optics. Hover over the years to see in detail.


Inception: The Year 2002

Our story began in 2002 as manufacturers of patch cords, pigtails and adapters. This initial venture not only laid the foundation for our expansion, but also underscored our unwavering dedication to precision and quality.

Why it Mattered:

As we know today, our initial products served as the building blocks for essential connectivity solutions. They were the bedrock upon which our reputation for quality was established, setting us apart by delivering premium solutions beyond industry standards.


Vertical Integration: 2008

In 2008, we pursued vertical integration, crafting essential components like Zirconia Ferrules and Sleeves. This move empowered us to control the entire supply chain for patch cords and adapters.

Why it Mattered:

This strategic move empowered us to control key techniques in producing patch cords and adapters, guaranteeing superior quality, whilst massively increasing production capacity.


FTTH Revolution: 2009

With the rise of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), we entered the production of PLC splitters. Recognising the importance of control, we delved into the manufacturing of PLC wafers and chips.

Why it Mattered:

Our timely response positioned us as a vital player in FTTH projects, underlining our commitment to adaptability.


Vertical Integration: 2012

We seized the opportunity for vertical integration, manufacturing key components: PLC wafers, chips & fiber arrays, plus Grade B connectors. These components were pivotal in our journey as the cornerstone of our PLC splitter production, enhancing our control over the entire production chain.

Why it Mattered:

We ensured the highest quality production by controlling the entire manufacturing process in-house, streamlining operations and strengthening our premium promise. Perfecting the core-tuning process meant we surpassed market standard again, offering grade B connectors.


Innovative Diversification: 2016

As technology advanced, we diversified, introducing a comprehensive range of Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) products, including FWDM, CWDM and DWDM. These WDM solutions revolutionised access and backbone networking, opening up new horizons for data transmission and optical communication.

Why it Mattered:

This diversification expanded our product range, catering to diverse connectivity needs and showcasing our agility in adapting to evolving technologies. Our experience in perfecting DWDM technologies laid the foundations for our future advancements into SOA & EDFA.


Evolving Excellence: 2020

Our pursuit of excellence led us to 2020 when we commenced production of Thin-Film Filters (TFF), a critical component of all WDM products, including FWDM, CWDM, & DWDM.

Why it Mattered:

TFF production strengthened our capabilities and underscored our commitment to cutting-edge technology.


A Visionary Leap: 2023

2023 marked a significant turning point. By acquiring BG, we entered the Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) market, expanding our offerings to include Fiber Sensing products like UNL and NL light sources, DTS, and DVS/DAS integration modules.

Why it Mattered:

This strategic expansion into EDFA and Fiber Sensing technologies positions Ensure as a comprehensive connectivity solutions provider, ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

What’s next?

Charting a Promising Path – Fiber Sensing Technology

Today, we stand at the threshold of a new era. Fiber Sensing technology is our horizon, and the future holds immense promise. Our journey, marked by innovation and transformation, is a testament to our commitment to crafting connectivity excellence. At Ensure, we’re not just embracing the future; we’re shaping it. Connect with us, and join us on this remarkable journey.

Ensure Today

  • Our team comprises of more than 1500 people. In addition to our production crew, we employ more than 60 dedicated product engineers and technicians
  • Our production lines are equipped with the latest global technologies & equipment
  • Our production lines are equipped with the latest global technologies
  • We hold 55 patents and over 30 inventions, and growing…
  • We have partnerships with research facilities & institutes like Jiaotong University
  • Our headquarters are located in Shanghai, with production and research locations close-by.
Donna + 1 finished sample
Robotic machine WDM chips - sorting chips
all operators base floor quality control machines
3 operators in WDM machine
chip for electric circuit of EDFA module
wafer - flaslight 1
PLC chips under microscope 2
PLC splitter close up 3
wafer - spray
Premium Quality - operator inspecting enviornmental testing machine for PLC Splitters
Premium Quality - Operator using CHIP design machine for electric circuit EDFA module
PLC splitters - encapsulating 2
OEM - black enclosure
OEM - packaging 4