CSFP Transceivers

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  • Achieve operational compatibility with conventional SFP:
    Conventional SFP will function when plugged into a C-SFP socket
    No damage to C-SFP and host board if C-SFP module is plugged into a conventional SFP socket
  • 2-Channel Bi-directional Optical Transceiver unit with
    1490nm DFB Laser diode transmitter
    1310nm InGaAs PIN photodiode receiver
  • 2xBi-directional transceivers in 1SFP transceiver package
  • 20-pin electrical interface and LC receptacle, with pull de-latch
  • 1250Mbps Typical Data Rate and compliant to 1000Base BX20 IEEE802.3ah
  • Comply with CSFP MSA Option 2
  • Digital diagnostic monitoring
  • Metal enclosure for lower EMI
  • +3.3V single power supply
  • LVPECL logic interface simplifies interface to external circuitry
  • Differential AC 100 ohms Data Input/ Output
  • 20km reach with 9/125 um single mode fiber (SMF)


  • Gigabit Ethernet(1000BASE-BS20)
  • Point to Point FTTH Application