Corning Chengdu CCS

An affiliate of the Corning Optical Fiber Group (US), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fiber optic cables and telecommunications accessories. With more than seven million kilometres of fiber used to manufacture optical fiber cables to date, the company is a leader in the Chinese market and supplies major companies such as China Telecom, China Mobile, CNC, Railcom, among others.


A Japanese company founded in 1963 which operates in important sectors, such as Automotive, Medicine, Audio, and Telecommunications to manufacture high-precision injection moulds for resins, plastics, ceramics and other types of materials.


Fiberhome Technologies Group is a major Cable and Telecommunication equipment provider in China. Furthermore, Fiberhome is the unique supplier globally for end-to-end solutions with optoelectronics devices, optic fiber & cable, and optical communication systems.


A leading company in Japan with more than 100 years’ experience in various fields where cutting-edge technology is required. The company’s ceramics department guarantees a high quality supply of raw materials and the technology required for its transformation.


A Japanese company specialising in supplying high-precision ceramic moulds. A careful selection procedure, process automation and extensive experience guarantee the quality of the raw materials that are subsequently transformed in our facilities.