In recent years, strategic partnerships have been established all around the world as defensive or offensive movements in reaction to changing market conditions. An authentic, strategic and fruitful partnership between companies is one of the most important aspects of businesses today, and is also one of the most difficult because the right partners are needed to ensure success.


“In the future you will become part of a partnership or you will compete against one of them”.

The Economist


Evaluating the right partner does not only include finding out their commercial practices, organisational structure, financial position, international prestige, and so on. Kunshan Ensure believes this evaluation must also consider organisational culture, how the company acts, how it thinks, what motivates it, values, the ability to communicate, among others. Both parties will therefore be fully equipped to enter into the kind of partnership mentioned above.


“In this new wave of technology, you can not do it all yourself, you have to form alliances with the right Partners to survive in business”

Carlos Slim

Dear Customers

Ensure is fortunate to work with the best partners possible in the market. We are very proud of them and hope our long history continues well into the future.

Kunshan Ensure also hopes to establish new partnerships in the future to meet new challenges together. Please contact us to register your interest so that we can analyse the proposed partnership and determine if it is viable for both sides.

Anthony Xie,
General Manager