Kunshan Ensure’s facilities are strategically located in an important industrial development zone, Kunshan City, which is 50 km from Shanghai. This is one of the country’s main economic hubs at this time due to its excellent transport links with two international airports and one of Asia’s main ports, as well as ahigh-speed train connection along the Naijing-Shanghai line. Company-University collaboration agreements bring cutting-edge technology to products, ongoing development and investment from government authorities improve the city’s infrastructures and have provided constant economic growth for many years, making it one of the cities with the brightest futures in the People’s Republic of China.

Kunshan Ensure is based in an enterprise park, Kunshan Economic & Technical Development Zone (KETD), which was founded in 1985 and is home to some of the top international companies that operate in the People’s Republic of China, including Toyota, LG, Nokia, Ford, Toshiba, Dell, Foxcom, and others.


The company’s departments and production lines are ideally distributed for ensuring maximum efficiency in our day-to-day activities and providing the best working conditions for employees, increasing production and optimising resources.